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Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition

Stanley Kubrick: the meticulous genius and the exhibition exploring his unique command of the creative design process.

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition - DAMN° Magazine

Expressive Ink

Paintings by Yang Yanping and Zeng Shanqing

Expressive Ink - DAMN° Magazine

A Day in an Open City

A Journey Though "Springtime Along the River"

A Day in an Open City - DAMN° Magazine

The Event of a Thread

From Dresden onto Kuwait and now in Istanbul, the touring exhibition explores social, cultural and historical narratives united through threads of fabric.

The Event of a Thread - DAMN° Magazine

Pandora’s Box during Neuhaus

A collaborative and iterative design project that critiques and reimagines human and non-human time in relation to modern and future technologies.

Pandora’s Box during Neuhaus - DAMN° Magazine

Beirut Design Week

Covering the theme Design & Nostalgia, BDW offers a space for creative actors in the Lebanese scene to discuss, learn and propel.

Beirut Design Week - DAMN° Magazine


Curator Hugo Vitrani and associate curator Fabien Danesi bring us Dhaka, Lagos, Manila, Mexico City and Tehran


Porto Design Biennale 2019

The 1st edition of Porto Design Biennale intends to think the new Millennium and the role of design in a framework of change.

Porto Design Biennale 2019 - DAMN° Magazine


Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte of Carwan Gallery and Nomad Design and Art Fair teams up with Jeddah-based ATHR Gallery.

WEHE - DAMN° Magazine