Pandora's Box during Neuhaus

A collaborative and iterative design project that critiques and reimagines human and non-human time in relation to modern and future technologies.

From May 19, 2019 until September 15, 2019
Pandora’s Box will be presented as part of Neuhaus, a temporary transdisciplinary academy for more-than-human knowledge, occupying and transforming the existing building and facilities of Het Nieuwe Instituut in a collective of human and non-human subjects and in an inclusive environment where non-verbal metaphors are spoken, for the production of “other” knowledge, in the age of reset.
The installation critiques and reimagines human and non-human timescales in relation to past and future technologies. In its current iteration, Synthetic Times invites the active participant to “open Pandora’s Box” in order to discover a mixture of complex temporalities and mythologies that evoke fascination, wonder, dread, and hope.
To explore this mythical space , the installation invites active participants to engage in a speculative archeology. Through mythical fabulation and physical engagement, participants are asked to investigate how their actions may not only bring about their own extinction but also pave the way for the emergence of a new species, a new and unknown form of sentience, that may one day inquire into its ancestral origins: namely, humans.
Neuhaus at Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25 3015CB Rotterdam
19 May - 15 September 2019