Patrick Marchal: Do You See The King?

Exhibition, CID, Hornu, Belgium.

From October 22, 2017 until February 11, 2018
Patrick Marchal plays with colour and iconic symbols. What matters is the message that is conveyed. A silversmith-visual artist, he explodes classical conventions of jewellery, imposing himself through a critical approach and scathing humour. No one is bound by the impossible, and therefore everything is permitted. Marked by a visual culture, his work expresses a reality that is taken to the extreme and revealed in objects of finery. Pieces of metal or steel become bombs, cartridges, and adornments. Patrick Marchal offers us highly coloured pieces, hallmarked by excellence. His work is refined and complex, with the intention overtaking the ae heticised practice. With Do You See the King? CID is challenging the emotional, social, and cultural significance of jewellery.
Situated in the heart of the Province of Hainaut, Grand-Hornu is one of the finest examples of neoclassical industrial heritage in Europe. This monumental complex was built in the 19th century by Henri Degorge, a French entrepreneur who was tempted by the coal mining venture. The site began operating at the height of the industrial revolution, in a region which at the time was the second most important in industrial terms in the world. After being one of the jewels in the crown of Belgian industry, the Grand-Hornu site is now one of Belgium’s leading cultural centres.