Photo Brussels Festival

Exploring the theme of Still Life

Krista van der Niet
From November 15, 2019 until December 21, 2019
A selection of international photographers and emerging young artists shows viewers what contemporary photography has to say about our time, its struggles, trends and aspirations. Between 100 and 200 photographies, by 15-20 different artists, are exhibited in the Hangar art centre, located in Châtelain, a cosmopolitan cultural district in the heart of Brussels.
PhotoBrussels Festival also serves as an exchange platform to spark and confront ideas. The exhibit is designed on the scale of a museum, and it provides an opportunity to organise lectures, workshops and guided tours where some major players (photographers, writers, art schools) are invited to attend.
This year again, an entire photographic tour "Parcours PBF" will be offered to public. The objective of PhotoBrussels Festival is to radiate throughout Brussels and then nationally and internationally, so the festival welcomes the participation of galleries and cultural centres!
Teresa Giannico
Dan Bannino
Vincent Fournier