Pierre Huyghe: After Alife Ahead

Exhibition, Skulptur Projektet, Münster LWL, Münster, Germany.

Until October 1, 2017
“Ice rink concrete floor / Logic game / Ammoniac / Sand, clay, phreatic water / Bacteria, algae, bee, chimera peacock / Aquarium, black switchable glass, conus textile, GloFish / Incubator, human cancer cells / Genetic algorithm / Augmented reality / Automated ceiling ru ure / Rain. Heterogeneous dynamic systems, organisations, biotic and abiotic, real and symbolic, material and immaterial, are shifting configuration in real time in an uncertain symbiosis. These different states of living and these narratives are entangled in accidental variables; they navigate between necessity and contingency, between logical structure or data processing and conditional setup, between self-organisation and emerging dissonance...”