Pierre Huyghe - Orphan Patterns

Exhibition, Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany.

From January 30, 2016 until April 24, 2016
Pierre Huyghe, winner of the 2015 Kurt Schwitters Prize, has developed a ritualistic path through 10 spaces, with sequences of appearance and disappearance, different in both time and individual response. A set of circumstances and conditions evolve and unpredictability emerges. The interaction of art and life, which has been central to the Merzkunst of Kurt Schwitters, is found in Huyghe’s dynamic network of heterogeneous, animated elements, in the co­-activity between animal, human, artefact, and machine. These cultural foundations, in connection with the movement of living entities and the uncertainty of a time axis, form the basis of the French artist’s striking and meticulously set environments.