Privileged Points

Privileged Points. Photo: Studio Rémi Villaggi
From January 19, 2019 until September 22, 2019
Mudam Luxembourg - Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean has launched the winter/spring season of its artistic programme 2019 with Nairy Baghramian, a Berlin-based artist of Iranian origin. Three sculptures of the Beliebte Stellen/Privileged Points series are exposed inside as well as outside of the museum.
The artwork exposed in the Grand Hall was acquired in 2018 and its prominent display reflects
the museum’s ambition of providing more visibility to its Mudam Collection, a crucial element
of its mission. Providing a panoramic view of the City of Luxembourg, the Park Dräi Eechelen is hosting two other sculptures of the same series. By displaying artworks in the parc, Mudam is conceptualizing art in a space beyond its restrictive walls. Beliebte Stellen/Privileged Points marks the beginning of a recurring series of external exhibitions and artistic interventions.
The three bronze sculptures painted with layers of desaturated yellow, pale yellow-green and pastel coloured green-grey have been cast in the form of irregular open circles of up to five metres in diameter similar to the marking of passages in a text. Their placement highlights both specific local conditions and varying spatial relationships.
19.01 — 22.09.2019
Curator: Suzanne Cotter, assisted by Vincent Crapon
Privileged Points. Photo: Studio Rémi Villaggi
Privileged Points. Photo: Studio Rémi Villaggi