Qiu Zhijie: Journeys without arrivals

Exhibition, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Until September 24, 2017
Qiu Zhijie’s artworks an the media e rum and entangle di erent tem- poralities and geographies, unveiling an intimate portrait of the artist as a polymath. His work is an integral part of a larger, holistic approach to life, demonstrating the role of art as a powerful engine for coming to terms with change, tradition, and globalisation in China and across the world. The exhibition proposes that Qiu’s work might be seen as a series of unending journeys, whether it’s his reinterpretation of scroll painting; his travels in Tibet; or his response to the great modernist icon of the Nanjing River Bridge, the works are always looking to preserve, update, and revolutionise elements of different traditions at the same time.