Ready Made Go 4

London's Ace Hotel enlists the help of local designers to kit-out its rooms for LDF

Products from last year's Ready Made Go exhibition. Photography by Jorn Tomter
From September 18, 2018 until September 23, 2018
Ready Made Go has become a firm favourite on the London Design Festival calendar. Taking place each year at the Ace Hotel London in Shoreditch, it features functional pieces commissioned specifically for the space from emerging and established London-based designers.
These pieces then remain in the hotel after the exhibition has finished, and are used by guests all year-round.
"Most of the objects that surround us have been designed speculatively, without any firm idea of who will own them and where they will end up. To create objects with their final destination in mind is very different," – Laura Houseley, curator, Ready Made Go
For 2018, Ace Hotel has identified five items to be designed for the fourth iteration of Ready Made Go: A collection of tabletop accessories (for rooftop events); Afternoon tea stands (for its restaurant Hoi Polloi); A games table (for the lobby); and Wall hooks (for every bedroom).
So far, the three design studios commissioned to create products include Laetitia de Allegri, William Drye and m-l-xl.
But one condition is stipulated by Ace Hotel: as well as using sustainable materials, each designer will be asked to pair with a local social enterprise to collaborate on the design, cultivating the possibilities of social engagement in the design world.
This year's exhibition will be accompanied by a retrospective of past products from over the yaers, including pieces by the likes of Phillipe Malouin, James Shaw, Assemble and Studio Toogood.
Ready Made Go 4 is on show at Ace Hotel, Shoreditch from 18 to 23 September.