Richard Artschwager!

Richard Artschwager, Description of Table, 1964, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York 66.48 © Richard Artschwager, photo by Steven Sloman © 2000 Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

Exhibition in Haus Der Kunst Munich, Germany, until 26 January 2014.
Presenting more than 100 sculptures, paintings, drawings, and edition works, this is an exploration of Artschwager’s work that consistently focuses on questions regarding his visual and physical preoccupation with the world. The late artist’s work is associated with Pop, Minimalism, and Conceptual Art, and combines elements of all three. After studying chemistry and mathematics, he became a carpenter, designing and making furniture in New York. He continued his interest in commercial and industrial materials such as Formica or Celotex, which he used to blur categorical distinctions between pictures, sculptures, and functional objects, as well as to draw attention to the unnoticed physical space, confounding our sense of what is real.