Richard Hutten at the Sonneveld House

Richard Hutten at Sonneveld House.

The New Institute, Rotterdam, 17 November 2013 - 11 May 2014
The Sonneveld House in Rotterdam, one of the best-preserved houses of the Nieuwe Bouwen style, has been restored to its condition in 1933. The renowned Rotterdam designer Richard Hutten was invited by The New Institute to respond to the design of this exceptional museum house. Sometimes his interventions merge seamlessly with the existing interior, only revealing the innovative power of their design at a second glance. In other cases, Hutten creates a clear contrast and his interventions constitute a witty take on the original layout. This confrontation with current design practice positions Sonneveld House within the contemporary design scene. Hutten’s interventions form part of the revitalisation of Sonneveld House, in which personal objects and historical masterpieces added to the house lend it more atmosphere and character.
The presentation by Richard Hutten in Sonneveld House forms part of the new exhibition and research programme at The New Institute.