Until June 19, 2020
Riverside is the first virtual exhibition curated by Vincenzo De Cotiis and Carpenters Workshop Gallery. The exhibition features pieces of De Cotiis’ own design, placed in conversation with works by 11 artists from the Carpenters Workshop Gallery roster, all inspired by natural or biomorphic materials. Riverside is an exploration of the geography of river landscapes. Collectible design pieces that combine emotional content and function reflect freedom in creation and the absence of boundaries. Minimalistic, conceptual ideas contrasted with poetic and organic forms come to life, evoking winding branches, rock formations and liquid.
There has always been particular attention paid, especially by artists, to the unfinished. To a formal surrender composed of elements found by chance, to forms that are naturally unexpected and unstable. This exhibition emerges from an idea of subtraction, putting excesses aside and returning to what already exists through a sort of salvific interpretation. Eroded stones, vortices of metal and cement, stone and wood filed down by time and water become discoveries. A fluvial architecture on the banks of the river.
NACHO- Floor lamp
VDC - DC1806
VDC- DC1803
VDC- DC1809