The Road to Palmyra at Glyptoteket

The Beauty of Palmyra, photo by Cecilie Brons and Lars Hummelshok© Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Until March 3, 2020
The Road to Palmyra is the first special exhibition in Denmark devoted to the culture of ancient Palmyra – an oasis city located in present-day Syria. In a time when globalisation, migration and cultural conflict permeate the agenda in many places in the modern world, Palmyra has again attracted attention with its fascinating history as one of the ancient world’s multicultural societies.
It was located at the Efqa Spring in the Syrian Desert halfway between the Euphrates and the Mediterranean. The oasis city was a natural nodal point between trade and caravan routes. And a centre for the exchange of both goods and cultures between East and West; at the same time the city was the easternmost bastion of the Roman Empire. With this background it became a vibrant meeting point for various cultures.
This exhibition takes the Glyptotek’s unparalleled collection of ancient tomb sculptures from the city as its point of departure. The more than 100 portraits included in the exhibition are supplemented by sculptures and other items from the Roman Empire, photographs from the 19th century, paintings and much more, together creating a broad presentation of Palmyra’s special history in an exhibition designed by the renowned Danish designer and scenographer Anne Schnettler.
The Beauty of Palmyra Photo Tahnee Cracchiola © Getty
Bust of two slaves IN 1153_photo_Anders Sune Berg ©Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Vejen til Palmyra Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek