Room With Its Own Rules: Collection #3

Talk and exhibition, Chamber gallery, New York, US.

Exhibition view, with among others Buro Belén in the foreground, and Claudia Caviezel in the background
May 3, 2017
The final show of Collection #3 is an all-female show, with work by Ana Kraš, Ania Jaworska, Åsa Jungnelius, Buro Belén, Claudia Caviezel, Gun Gordillo, Hilda Hellström, Johanna Grawunder, Katie Stout, Kiki van Eijk, Lindsey Adelman, Liz Collins, Marlène Huissoud, Mimi Jung, Mira Nakashima, Pieke Bergmans, Sabine Marcelis, Sarah Zapata, Sigrid von Lintig, Studio Berg, and Zohra Opoku. The title of the show, Room with Its Own Rules, ties together the many studio visits and conversations conducted, encouraging a range of strong women define their own principles for life and work. The selection of objects produced for Show IV is a combination of work by female designers, artists and architects who relate to ideas around living spaces and desired objects. Many of the works on view center around colliding ideas of functional object and sculpture.
Chamber gallery is a 21st century cabinet of curiosities for one-of-a-kind, rare and limited edition objects of design and art. Founded in 2014 in New York City, the gallery aims to be a reliquary for unusual objects, as well as a platform for design experimentation. As a central part of its program, an artist or designer is chosen to curate an entire collection, bringing their unique viewpoint to Chamber through specially commissioned works and rare and vintage items.