Sagmeister & Walsh at Design Museum Holon

The retrospective features a new typographic wall piece that uses 10,000 insects

The retrospective features a typographic wall piece made up of 10,000 insects. Image by Shay Ben Efraim
From June 6, 2018 until October 10, 2018
Design Museum Holon presents the first retrospective exhibition for New York-based creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh, showcasing over 70 pieces from the studio's recent body of work.
From June to October, the gallery will be filled by some of the studio's most impressive works. At the centre of the exhibition is a new site-specific installation titled Beauty = Human, which appears as a typographic emboridery from a distance but is actually made from 10,000 beetles and bugs.
This exclusive addition to the exhibition was achieved by bringing 10,000 non-endangered insects of different species from France. Specialists and artists have worked with Design Museum Holon on this piece to make Sagmeister & Walsh’s provocative and imaginative concept come to life.
"This installation compels the viewer to change his/her perception of beauty and humanity," says Maya Dvash, Chief Curator of Design Museum Holon. "As beauty is found throughout the exhibition, challenging this theme further demonstrates the multi-faceted nature of design."