Sarah & Joseph Belknap

Sarah and Joseph Belknap: Exoplanet Skin (1), 2014, and Deflated Moon Skin (1), 2014; photo courtesy of the artists.

Upcoming exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, USA, 11 October 2014 - 24 February 2015
Sarah and Joseph Belknap move freely between sculpture, photography, video, and performance in their highly inquisitive artistic practice. Reflecting on our place in the cosmos, their work draws inspiration from the history of science, popular imagination, and a personal sense of wonder. For this exhibition, the Belknaps look to the skies overhead and to the ground, whether modelling the cratered surface of the moon or distant exoplanets, or comparing the two largest impact craters on the moon and the earth. On a deeper level, their practice is driven by a restlessly experimental process and an approach to sculpture that centres on the use of unusual materials.