Alice Stori Liechtenstein brings together a group of impressive young designers for an exhibition exploring the rituals of the table.

AD MENSAM visual identity by Dorothée Dähler, Kaj Lehmann who worked together with photographer Simone Sandhal
From May 17, 2019 until May 27, 2019
Schloss Hollenegg for Design will once again open its doors to host AD MENSAM, a contemporary design exhibition exploring the rituals of the table. 18 designers show their recent works, primarily specially commissioned for the exhibition. During this festive occasion, the current designers in residence - OS&OOS, Nel Nerbeke, Katie Scott and Katie Stout will present their new projects.
"AD MENSAM is latin for "at the table" and the exhibition will explore the table as a place we come together, share food, behave, fight and reunite. Nothing is more essential to our idea of humanism than expanding that table, symbolically and actually, adding extra chairs and places to include everyone in the conversation."
Alongside the designers in residence, the following names are exploring the theme of the table through their work and are worth getting excited for: Arabeschi di Latte, Ferreol Babin, Dean Brown, Commonplace, Crafting Plastics, AlexandraFruhstorfer, Laurids Gallée, Alexandre Humbert, Kneissl + Prade, Carolien Niebling,Optimismus, Omer Polak, Sara Ricciardi, Studio Plastique, Studio Quetzal, James Shaw, David Tavcar.
Nel Verbeke
Katie Stout