Sense of Sound

Sense of Sound: Creatures, 2013, by Katerina Undo, Photo: Katrin Kamrau.

Exhibition, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium, until 25 May.
Sound and movement are inextricably linked. Movement and vibration turn into audible sound and back again. In Sense of Sound, sound manifests itself in many shapes and forms: vibrations, magnetic fields, electrical discharges, waves of feedback. But the various works have one thing in common: sounds can always be traced back to the friction that makes the world move. From the resonance on your skull to your middle ear, or from fluctuating voltage to a vibrating magnet. Sound is created when energy escapes and then, through air or material, transforms itself into a sensory sensation. All the works being shown in the exhibition are new productions created by current or future Overtoon residents.