Serial Eater, food design stories

Bompas & Par Studio, Harrods Jelly, ©Nathan Ceddia
From June 27, 2020 until November 29, 2020
Designed by the curator Benjamin Stoz, the exhibition at the CID – centre d’innovation et de design at the Grand-Hornu analyses thirty years of experimentation and reflections around the subject of “food as an object”. From its development in the 1990s to the current role it plays, food design analyses our behaviour, our desires and our doubts as eaters.
SE01. Marije Vogelzang, Volumes, 2017 © Marije Vogelzang
Marc Bretillot, Crus de Cacao, 2003, © Marc Bretillot. This project is a multidisciplinary experiment and a work on volumes and forms that tends to highlight the expression of five cocoa vintages associated with five beverages.
Stéphane Bureaux, TCC2, 2010 © Stéphane Bureaux
Johanna Schmeer, Bioplastic Fantastic, 2014 ©Johanna Schmeer. Speculative project on the application of bio and nanotechnology in the creation of edible products made from enzyme-enriched bioplastics.
Arvid Jens & Marie Caye,S.A.M -The Symbiotic Autonomus Machine, 2017 © Arvid&Marie. Hybrid machine, both technological and organic, resulting from research into the automation of food production. As an economic entity, it manages all stages of Kombucha's manufacturing and distribution.
Julia Schwarz, Unseen Edible, ©Julia Schwarz
Gerlain Bourré, Cloches à saveur, ©Germain Bourré/Germ Studio