Sharon Lockhart \ Milena, Milena

Sharon Lockhart / Milena Milena: Untitled, 2010; framed chromogenic print, 49in x 37in

Exhibition in Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.
Lockhart's filmic and photographic work is a psychological study of communities, individuals, and their everyday, antiheroic activities of
life, labour and leisure. Engaged, yet markedly without emotion, Lockhart's 'documentary theatre' captures rare moments of human vulnerability where authenticity and spontaneity are challenged by her own long-term commitment and research as well as a desire to choreograph particular situations and behaviours. Both her photographs and films are tableaux of space and time, inhabited by nature and people in both harmony and discord. With a disarming subtlety, Lockhart unveils the striking beauty of the ordinary and the unique dimension of the world we live in, touching upon the fundamental philosophical récit of human existence.