Shilpa Gupta, Today will end


Shilpa Gupta, Un,tled (Don’t See... Camouflage), 2006. Courtesy: the arIst.
From May 21, 2021 until April 12, 2021
M HKA presents with Today will end the first mid-career survey exhibition of artworks by Indian artist Shilpa Gupta, bringing together many of her key works for the first time.
As one of the established artists of the Mumbai contemporary art scene to have emerged since the 1990s, this exhibition offers an overview of the practice Gupta has been developing for more than twenty years. It will consider the evolution of her work over this period, foregrounding the speculative nature of her practice, as well as the depth of her critical engagement with psychology, behaviour, politics and language.
Shilpa Gupta, who participated in the 58th Biennale of Venice (2019), Berlin Biennale (2014), New Museum Triennial (2009), Sharjah Biennial (2013), Lyon Biennale (2009) and Liverpool Biennial (2006), among others, creates artworks that examine human relations, subjectivity and perception through themes such as desire, conflict, security, technology, borders and censorship. Her work is multi-faceted and often interactive, typically utilising media such as sculpture, installation, text and photography, and regularly displaying a mastery of audio and visual technologies.
Considering technology as an extension of body and mind, Gupta possesses a sharp political consciousness towards the role, psychology and aesthetics of different media forms, particularly towards their complicity in the production of fear. Though her works could be interpreted as referring to the social or political situation of specific cultural or national contexts, Gupta keeps them decidedly open, allowing their themes to be interpreted differently wherever and whenever they are exhibited.
In 2014, works by Gupta were also included in Don’t You Know Who I Am? – Art After Identity Politics, an important research exhibition in the recent history of M HKA in defining a new reading of contemporary art that considers questions of human diversity in relation to new aesthetic and philosophical dimensions. Together with the new acquisition of her major installation Threat (2008-09) for the museum’s collection, this survey exhibition seeks to consolidate Gupta as a key reference for M HKA.
Shilpa Gupta, Un,tled (There is No Border Here), 2005-2006. Courtesy: the arIst.
Shilpa Gupta, Threat, 2008-2009. Courtesy: the arIst. Photographer: Didier Bamoso.
Shilpa Gupta, Today Will End, 2012. Courtesy: ...Einzweidrei 012, the arIst and Yvon Lambert Gallery. Photographer: ClémenIne Bossard.
Shilpa Gupta, For, In Your Tongue, I Cannot Fit, 2017-2018. Commissioned by YARAT Contemporary Art Space and Edinburgh Art FesIval. Photographer: Pat Verbruggen.
Shilpa Gupta, For, In Your Tongue, I Cannot Fit (detail), 2017-2018. Commissioned by YARAT Contemporary Art Space and Edinburgh Art FesIval. Photographer: Pat Verbruggen.