Singapore Biennale: An Atlas of Mirrors

Biennale, Multiple venues, Singapore.

Ni Youyu, Dust (Singapore Galaxy), 2016
Until February 26, 2017
This international contemporary art exhibition features site-specific and never-before-seen works by more than 60 artists across Southeast, East, and South Asia.
These regions bear the imprints of one another’s diverse cultures, even as boundaries are constantly reimagined. Fraught and unstable, the borders are characterised by fluid movement and migration, which also reflect pre-state national entities, and highlight the challenges that beset contemporary conditions. Where navigational tools enable us to set our sights further afield, one instrument in particular – the mirror – brings us into that which is still so mysterious: the self. While we depend on mirrors to show us to ourselves, their reflective surfaces are not always reliable for they echo, skew, magnify and invert.