Six things.

Six Things / Sagmeister & Walsh: If I don’t ask, I won’t get (video still), 2013, from the Happiness series.

Exhibition Sagmeister & Walsh in The Jewish Museum New York, USA
The designers Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh are known for their experimental typography and striking visual imagery. Their work is by turns playful and unsettling, humanist and existential, and often expands the definition of design, embracing film, sculpture, poetry, and performance. Six Things marks the first exhibition of their newly founded design firm. Here, in five compelling short videos and a sound-activated sculpture, Sagmeister & Walsh examine six things culled from Sagmeister’s diary that he believes have increased his personal happiness. Sugar cubes, bubbles, and water balloons are just some of the materials used to spell out six epigrams. The ambiguous connections between these and the objects of which they are composed are left for visitors to decipher, a provocative game based in the pleasure of looking.