Sleep Mode: The Art of The Screensaver

Exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut + Rafaël Rozendaal

Until June 25, 2017
This exhibition pays homage to the digital culture of the last decennia. Screensavers first appeared in the 1980s, developed to prevent ‘burn-in’. Originally a pragmatic solution, screensavers became a space for artistic experimentation. However, they remain something of a paradox: moving digital art works designed to be shown when no one is looking. Here, visitors step into a room filled with 26 life-size projections of well-known screensavers. In the installation, Rafaël Rozendaal explores their history as a digital and alternative form of image making. The central characters are the anonymous programmers – the unsung heroes. In his multifaceted practice, Rozendaal uses the electronic screen to create work that resides somewhere between performance and animation.