Some views of Africa

Mikhael Subotzky, Traffic light encounter.

Some Views of Africa is a show devoted to artists from various African countries: South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, and Ruanda.
From their works emerges a variegated continent, one that is undergoing a vigorous transformation. A continent that is experiencing a development in which innovation and tradition live together and, unexpectedly, are grafted on to each other to give access to a continuous reinvention of ways of experiencing and understanding society, to relating with others and what is yet to come.
The work of the artists who have been selected gives an idea of the geo-cultural position of Africa with respect to the global context and tells us about countries marked by unresolved social tensions and a heavy post-colonial heredity, yet one shot through with dreams, desires, and great forces for change.
This show, which is anything but tranquil, offers various viewpoints by artists who are particularly aware of their place of origin and their context in life.
Works by: Philip Kwame Apagya, Pieter Hugo, Lawrence Lemaoana, Laura Nsengiyumva and Mikhael Subotzky.
25.05 > 31.08.2013
Opening Saturday 25th May, 11.30 a.m.
Studio la Città, Lungadige Galtarossa 21, Verona, Italy.