State of Transparency

Looiersgracht 60, in collaboration with Gerrit Rietveld Academie presents ‘State of Transparency,’ a unique exhibition showcasing the works of seventeen artists

Laura Puska, Between Us , 2014/2019
From May 25, 2019 until June 9, 2019
Amsterdam-based non-profit exhibition centre for art, design and architecture Looiersgracht 60, in collaboration with Gerrit Rietveld Academie presents' 'State of Transparency,' a unique exhibition showcasing the works of 17 emerging and established artists.
This event commemorates the 50th anniversary of the academy's Large Glass department and its unique conceptual approach to glass as a sculptural material. The Large Glass is a distinctive department committed to an open and critical dialogue on the traditional medium of glass, and to redefining its implementation in contemporary art.
The inseparability of the terms glass and transparency is undeniable.
Glass, due to its sheer possibility, is increasingly utilized to provide insights into society's economic and political processes as well as to gain access to our private spheres. Congruently, the fundamental properties of glass such as its transparency, fragility, sharpness, or even beauty can be utilized in conceptual art to incorporate into artworks an extra variety or to further develop its contextual concept.
The exhibition 'State of Transparency' investigates both the literal/conditional and the metaphorical qualities of the word and will attempt to find visual consonance between the two.
Participating artists will deal with the paradigm of transparency and the material efficacies of glass as a medium. They will examine the consequences of developing a practice rooted in the medium of glass and questing the key attributes of the material without necessarily using it.
Participating artists: Maria Barnas, Gwenneth Boelens, Ruta Butkute, Forensic Architecture, Mio Fujimaki, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Saskia Noor van Imhoff, David Jablonowski, Katrin Korfmann, Navid Nuur, Fahrettin Örenli, Jens Pfeifer, Laura Puska, Thomas Rentmeister, Judith Roux, Mirre Yayla Seur and Beny Wagner.
State of Transparency
May 25th – June 9th 2019
Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam
Mirre Yayla Seur, Meeting (for 41 Seconds) , 2017
Katrin Korfmann, Back Stages - Glass Anxi, 2019, piezographie, 150 x 216 cm, in collaboration with Jens Pfeifer