Still "Life"

Australian curator Cat Morrison questions the realness of materials through photography

From August 2, 2018 until August 9, 2018
Cat Morrison, an Australian digital curator, art director and brand advisor, brings together a group of artists and designers working across a number of disciplines for her first-ever material exhibition.
The show is taking place for one week only at Tel Aviv's Mars gallery, opening on 2 August 2018.
'Through the lens of the canonical “still life”, the exhibition aims to explore the boundaries of what is “real” or material, what is still, and what is alive' - Mars gallery
Morrison has a prolific Instagram following, under the username __s____o. In the spirit of staying true to her primary platform, she used Instagram to put out a call for art that would be featured in the exhbition.
Having whittled down over 100 submissions, she brings together a globally diverse group of artists from multiple disciplines including analogue and digital photography, 3D, video, and installation art.
Participating Artists include: Phil Andrews, Clemmie Bache, Jenna Bellonby, Avi Ben Shoshan, Clara Lena Langenbach, Jenelle Fong, Noi Fuhrer, Rhea Gupte, Kunning Huang, Karin Kimel, JiaYi Lin, Reut Menachem, Michelle Park, Anna Perach, Mishael Phillip x Wang & Söderström, Irene Rodriguez, Rashid Salleh, Julia Salnikova, Priyanka Shah and Sybaris Magazine
The exhibition opens at “Mars” gallery on 2 August, and will run until 9 August.