Stuart Haygarth: Play

Exhibition in Carpenters Workshop Gallery Paris, 8-1014
English designer & artist Stuart Haygarth began his career as a photographer, and light has always played an integral part in his creative thinking. None of his works are mass-produced, on the contrary each of his small editions are precisely constructed and hand-made, making each piece individual. He bases his works on narratives, and each group of projects speaks to a singular observation. He collects, and then classifies the pieces of a huge 3D puzzle based on choice and assembly. Whether the material is kitsch items or perished plastics, it takes on the form of a repertoire organised according to two categories: colour and function. His interest in neglected and found objects is justified by his urge to give them a new life, a new story. This hybrid and transformative thinking, allied with light, paradoxically causes the banal to metamorphose into extraordinary and precious chandeliers, furniture and installations. Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s exhibition will show part of a new series of pieces entitled “Play” which marks a new direction in his work.