Take it or Leave it. Institution, Image, Ideology

Take It or Leave It: Feeder 2, 1998, by Nayland Blake; gingerbread, metal frame; 213.4 x 304.8 x 213.4 cm; Collection of Gwen and Peter Norton, with the support of Platine Bakery, Los Angeles and Capitol Distribution Company; photo © Nayland Blake; courte

Exhibition, Hammer Museum / UCLA, Los Angeles, USA, until 18 May.
This large-scale exhibition explores the intersections between strategies of appropriation and institutional critique in the work of American artists. It locates the shared impulses among those who borrow and recast existing images, styles, and forms from popular mass-media and fine-art sources, and others who confront the structures and practices of institutions in order to scrutinise their rôle within society, thereby shedding new light on the way of making art that evolved during the 1980s and 90s.  Included are works by 35 artists, which highlight their deep engagement with political and social issues.