Tatiana Bilbao

At Louisiana Museum

Until April 5, 2020
The work of Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao is on show at the Louisiana Museum in Denmark, in an exhibition that includes an imaginary city, a cabinet of curiosities and four full-size architectural mockups.
The Architect's Studio: Tatiana Bilbao Estudio is the first major international retrospective for Bilbao, 47, whose broad-ranging portfolio includes social-housing prototypes, a botanical garden, a pilgrimage route and an aquarium.
The show features an assortment of models, both large and small, along with hand-drawn sketches, collaged images and material samples.
The curation, by Kjeld Kjeldsen and Mette Marie Kallehauge, aims to show how Bilbao focuses on site-specificity and collaboration in her design process, and is uninterested in developing a signature style.
"She is preoccupied with the specific place and human beings," reads their exhibition text. "She operates with closeness and the personal encounter, an approach which can nevertheless end in a major project in a megapolis in Mexico."
A single image is displayed at the exhibition entrance. It is a collage that Bilbao created for a residential project, featuring a drawing done by hand overlaid on top of various images of gardens and landscapes.