Tauba Auerbach Tetrachromat

Tauba Auerbach: Tetrachromat, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway, 2011; Courtesy of the artist, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, and Standard, Oslo; Photo: Vegard Kleven

The title of the exhibition plays on the notion of ‘tetrachromatic’ vision. People normally perceive the world around them trichromatically (in three colours). Humans have three types of receptor for the perception of colour with varying sensitivities: red, green and blue. A new theory exists that there may be a small percentage of people (only women) who have a fourth colour receptor. In order to play on such ideas that would radically change our view of the world, Auerbach employs two analogies in this exhibition – the spatial (the idea of a fourth dimension) and the spectral (a fourth colour spectrum).