The art of giving new life to objects & making them unique

Martino Gamper by Angus Mill.

installation by Martino Gamper, Milan, Salone del Mobile 2014.
During the Salone del Mobile 2014, la Rinascente in collaboration with Serpentine Galleries will present the installation ‘In a State of Repair’ by Martino Gamper. The London-based designer will transform the eight window displays overlooking Piazza Duomo with a site-specific installation centred on the theme of buying, consuming and customer service and on the life cycle of objects and their transformation and uniqueness. It’s an installation that becomes an experience by involving the public directly and that renews and prolongs the act of purchasing and interacting with the objects we own. Martino Gamper curates and designs eight workstations in which eight artisans will repair old and new items free of charge: leather accessories, shoes, books, toys, tech gadgets, clothes, chairs and bicycles.