The Eye of the Storm

Arnout Mik
From June 3, 2020 until December 31, 2020
Blitz Valletta has launched a new website with a platform called OPEN. "The Eye of the Storm" is Blitz’s first online exhibition featuring videos and films by seven international artists and collectives  – David Claerbout, Jonathas De Andrade, Elena Mazzi / Sara Tirelli, Aernout Mik, Laure Prouvost, Jon Rafman and Pilvi Takala – invited to rethink and share their artworks in response to changes due to the pandemic. 

The seven invited artists and collectives have animated the gist of the recent international debate on art and society, with their contribution offering significant insights in different aspects of life: the cultural shifts of the digital world, our relations with others, techno-capitalism, and environmental issues. The Eye of the Storm seems to be an apt metaphor for their undertakings. In spoken language, it has come to epitomize the risks of finding yourself stuck at the center of a difficult situation. Yet in meteorology the eye of the storm is the calmest zone of a cyclone, where skies are clear and wind milder. It is deceptively calm, but possibly the best place to be for a short time while processing the state of things.

In the physical galleries the rule is always the same: time follows space. A display is created based on the physical space, and the time of the visit will be reliant on the visitors’ attention span for the different artworks, and determined by the viewing conditions provided. For their first online exhibition, Blitz has decided to prioritise time, whereby the artworks will be experienced in a sequence that collectively draws the viewer inward to a full coherence of the project. 

From 3rd June one artwork will be available monthly until December, when the last work will be revealed and all previously shown works made equally available. The exhibition will close at the end of the year, a symbolic date because that is when a collective attitude towards contemplating what we are leaving behind emerges, together with a confidence for new beginnings. "Wherever we will be then, as we take it day by day in respect of fast-changing regulations, we hope that The Eye of the Storm will provide food for thought as we progress into the unknown”.
Pilvi Takala The Stroker
Pilvi Takala The Stroker
Jonathan de andrade