The Flight Attendant Years: 1978-1986

Cockpit and Cabin Crews, Flughafen Frankfurt Am Main, 1983.

New York-based photographer Lucien Samaha (º1958, Beirut) was born to a father who wore an airline uniform. Consequently, for most of his childhood he would be flown from Beirut to Dhahran as an unaccompanied minor. He was totally coddled, fed, and entertained by the stewardesses who took personal care of him. “Flight Attendants epitomized international glamour and adventure to me.” As an adult he decided to follow his childhood dream and become a Flight Attendant.
Samaha has been a photographer since high school and has obsessively documented his personal and professional life for over 40 years, producing a rich, highly autobiographical body of work, covering all aspects of daily life: training sessions, uniform fittings, in-flight fraternization, and layover breaks. These striking, intimate images will be exhibited with a variety of archival objects. The Polaroid snapshots, elegant candid portraits, and group photograph emphasize the spirit of adventure and conviviality integral to his surroundings.
Lombard Freid Gallery, 518 West 19th Street, New York.