The Forum of the Future

Festival, Casa da Música and other venues, Porto, Portugal.

From November 5, 2017 until November 11, 2017
The Forum of the Future is an annual festival of thought held in Porto whose main objective is to invite guests from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds to discuss key issues facing contemporary societies. Founded and organised by Porto Municipal Council since 2014, the Forum of the Future’s strategic partners are the Serralves Foundation, Casa da Música, the São João National Theatre and the University of Porto.
The world has electrified itself and some say that since then an intense current of human energy has begun to infiltrate the configuration of the planet’s multiple systems.
This has been termed the age of the Anthropocene, Capitalocene or some other –cene. Some refrain from speculating about the correct term, and instead develop their work, studying the impact of human presence on nature. Others believe that this geological definition is a simple opportunity to reproduce old value systems – based on race, gender or class.
The Fórum do Futuro 2017 is inspired by the desire to invite thinkers from various countries and cultures, and from different scientific and artistic fields, who have dedicated themselves to thinking about issues that currently agitate the planet’s stability, asking them to address the complex (and often perverse) question: how should we relate to Nature and deal with the fact that we must unescapably inscribe ourselves within it?
Climate, Violence, Sexuality, Technology and Extinction. The Fórum do Futuro, which runs from November 5 to 11, will address these key domains, that are of fundamental importance for contemporary thinking, and help us discover and discuss ideas of destruction and salvation, for the planet and for humanity, and decide a central question: do we definitively have to adjust to the idea that Nature – our own and that of the planet – no longer has to be what it once was?
Richard Sennett, Tómas Saraceno, Francis Kéré, Elizabeth Hadly and Sou Fujimoto are some of the names part of the Fórum do Futuro 2017
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