Shipping, shopping and the global consumer

Banana Passport. Concept and design: Johanna Seelemann and Björn Steinar Blumenstein. Image credit: Johanna Seelemann and Björn Steinar Blumenstein
April 26, 2018

Come close to today's shipping and modern consumer culture through movies, themes, installations and interactive games.

Where local or global are you? This is one of the questions asked in the museum's forthcoming exhibition 'THE MAGIC BOX - shipping, shopping and the global consumer.' At the 600m2 exhibition in two levels, you can become wiser on modern shipping and yourself as a consumer through interactive games, installations and objects.
The exhibition features a number of art projects that focus on the consumerism. Among others– new photos from Peter Menzels 'Hungry Planet' photo project documenting families from all over the world in the company of what they eat in a week. And you can follow the banana's journey in the Icelandic art project CARGO by Björn Steinar Blumenstein & Johanna Seelemann. Here the banana is provided with passports, and you follow its way to the supermarket, or maybe to the dump.
Ny Kronborgvej 1, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark
From the 26th of April 2018