The Mindcraft Project

Digital exhibition with experimental design

Mindcraft Project. Visual: Wang Soderstrom
March 17, 2021
The Mindcraft Project will launch a new digital exhibition highlighting 10 designers and studios from Denmark. The exhibition is designed by Wang & Söderström and led by Copenhagen Design Agency. The Mindcraft Project will present a new digital exhibition concept with explorative and experimental design from Denmark in a meeting between craft, art, architecture and technology. The 10 designers and studios have been selected for the exhibition with curatorial advice from a new Curator Advisory Board.
“We have appointed the curatorial board members based on their wide knowledge of the contemporary Danish design scene. They have great insights in areas covering furniture, craft, art, architecture, technology and innovation,” says Kristian Kastoft and Anders Kongskov, Co-directors of Copenhagen Design Agency.
The Mindcraft Project 2021 stretches across new digital fabrication methods and traditional refined craftsmanship.
Stine Mikkelsen - In-tangibles - photo_Anders Sune Berg(5)“The material knowledge and technical proficiency that originates from craft is a strong part of the Danish design DNA. In the upcoming exhibition, we will present projects that utilize new digital methods of designing and making alongside traditional craft disciplines in a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary mix. The selected designers and studios are characterized by their experimental approaches, material knowledge and technical proficiency,” says Kastoft and Kongskov.
Designers and studios 2021: Archival Studies, bahraini—danish, Else-Rikke Bruun, Frederik Nystrup-Larsen & Oliver Sundqvist, Kasper Kjeldgaard, Mette Schelde, Rasmus Fenhann, Stine Bidstrup, Stine Mikkelse, 91-92 (ninetyoneninetytwo)
Curator Advisory Board 2021: Nicolai de Gier – Head of Furniture and Object Design at the Royal Danish Academy and Design Director at TAKT, Mette Barfod – Editor In Chief of Ark Journal, Jamiee Williams – Architect, previously SPACE10 and CHART Art Fair
Mindcraft Project group. Photo: Anders Sune Berg
Mindcraft Project group. Photo: Anders Sune Berg
Mindcraft Project group. Photo: Anders Sune Berg
Mindcraft Project. Ctenophora Vase. Morning Dip Side Table. chinoidea Bowl . Photo: Anders Sune Berg
Mindcraft Project. Bahraini-Danish. All. Photo_Anders Sune Berg
Mette Schelde, Ombre Light. Photo: Anders Sune Berg
Rasmus Fenhann, Ebano. Photo: Anders Sune Berg
Stine Bidstrup - Architectural Glass Fantasies. Photo: Anders Sune Berg
Stine Mikkelsen, In-tangibles. Photo: Anders Sune Berg