The Rise of Sneaker Culture

Nike x Tom Sachs; NikeCraft Lunar Underboot Aeroply Experimentation Research Boot Prototype, 2008–12; photo courtesy of American Federation of Arts

Exhibition, Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA, 10 July – 4 October
From their modest origins in the mid-19th century to the high-end versions created in the past decade, sneakers have become a global obsession. Included here are approximately 150 pairs, plotting the footwear’s evolution from its beginnings to its current role as a status symbol and urban icon. Included are items from Adidas, Converse, Nike, Puma,
and Reebok, as well as from well known private collectors. Also featured are sneakers by Prada and other major fashion design houses and designers, as well as those made in collaboration with artists. Film footage, interactive media, photographic images, and design drawings provide a context that explores the social history, technical innovations, fashion trends, and marketing campaigns that have shaped sneaker culture over the past two centuries.