The Sculpture Factory

The Sculpture Factory Quayola at MU

Exhibition Quayola at MU | Strijp S MU | De Witte Dame Eindhoven, Netherlands, until 22 December.
Italian-born artist Quayola uses contemporary digital technology to tackle classic aesthetics and the universal rules for beauty and perfection. Until now he has mostly created his studies of Renaissance paintings in the form of projections, installations, photography, and multimedia adaptations. However, for this specially developed show he has entered the realm of sculpture. Inspired by Michelangelo: the unfinished series of four ‘Prigioni’, or Slaves, made between 1513– 1534, Quayola pays homage, while concentrating on the process of shaping the material. On show are: his studio, his sources, the software he has developed and the creativity that allows something new to arise from a work of art that has been around for centuries.