The Stranger Within

Craftica, Studio Formafantasma, Louis Zanzani, courtesey of Fendi

Mak Design Salon #02, Studio Formafantasma, in Vienna, Austria, 14 September – 01 December
The Geymüllerschlössel provides the backdrop for a contemporary design intervention, and simultaneously opens itself to juxtapositions reaching across the eras. Starting from the location‘s history and its present use as a museum site, Italian designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin –  who have quickly become the international design world’s shooting stars thanks to the fascination evoked by their multilayered and sensitive way of working – deal with this one-of-a-kind cultural legacy by setting up aesthetic and thematic links to the present and opening up new perspectives. In a globalised world where the exotic is losing its significance, Studio Formafantasma’s Geymüllerschlössel intervention invites visitors to search for the foreign within themselves.