The Sustainable Dance Floor, the world’s first energy generating dance floor

Exhibition ‘Elements of Architecture’ at the 14th International Architecture Biennale, Giardini & Arsenale, Venice, Italy, until 23 November.
Dutch design company Energy Floors launched the world’s first energy generating dance floor. By dancing on the floor, the audience powers the LED lights creating a human powered light show right below their feet.Only within the past year, the Sustainable Dance Floor produced more than 13 million joules and provided fun and awareness regarding energy for about 350.000 people.  The light show enlarges the interaction between visitors and enables the audience to become a dancing ‘energymeter’ as the LED’s charge according to the generated energy. Rem Koolhaas (OMA) invited Energy Floors to be part of the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice, and its energy harvesting technology takes a prominent place in Koolhaas’ central exposition ‘Fundamentals’. The exhibition zooms in on fundamental building elements used by architects, exploring familiar and visionary dimensions. Here, the kinetic floor technology is being featured as a tool for harvesting energy of a day-to-day human activity: movement.  
"One of the most important aspects of the Sustainable Dance Floor is its feedback system: making people dancing on the floor understand that they are the ones powering the floor. The basic visual feedback is the LED lights in the floor; these light up when modules are being stepped on."