Exhibition, TBA21–Augarten, Vienna, Austria.

From June 2, 2017 until November 19, 2017
Tidalectics features 13 standout artists whose distinctive works cast oceanic perspectives on the cultural, political, and biological dimensions of the oceans, some examining the effects of manmade issues such as climate change and rising sea-levels, and others reimagining human and extra-human relationships. Taking its title from a play-on-words by Barbadian poet-historian Kamau Braithwaite, it seeks to comprehend our histories as trajectories tossed by waves. The exhibition high-lights processes of cultural adaptation and material change, presenting a rich framework for under anding the coalescing polarities of contemporaneity and history, science and poetics, routes and roots, and ourselves – mostly land-dwelling humans – with the oceans and their many and diverse inhabitants.