TRACES of the future

10 years of valerie_traan gallery

DRDH architects
From February 6, 2021 until March 20, 2021
Valerie_traan gallery is delighted to celebrate its ten-year existence. Since 2010, the gallery of Veerle Wenes became an established name in the (inter)national circuit and made a welcoming destination of the renovated cloister in the centre of Antwerp. Much like in the beginning, valerie_traan gallery is characterized by an unbound combination of exhibiting and living in the same space; by a distinct selection of makers across art, design and architecture; and by a profound sensitivity, regardless of trends, to concept, aesthetics and functionality. Sincere encounters between gallery, makers and public have always been key.
It is then precisely in line with this approach that valerie_traan gallery wishes to celebrate its tenth anniversary with the new group exhibition, TRACES. For this exhibition, several artists, designers and architects were invited to look at the gallery’s multi-layered trajectory with fresh eyes. There is a strong empathic connection with all these makers and thinkers; they speak a similar formal language, feel a personal affinity with previously exhibited work, or intervene in (the history of) the building. They present possible traces of the next chapter of the gallery, a promising time to come.
Participating artists: Victoria Adam (GB), BC Architects (BE), Clarisse Bruynbroeck (BE), Ignace Cami (BE), Ralph Collier (BE), Babs Decruyenaere (BE), DRDH Architects (GB), Benedikt Terwiel (DE), Unfold (BE)
Curated by: Clarisse Bruynbroeck, Eline Verstegen, Veerle Wenes
Babs Decruyenaere
BC architects
Benedikt Terwiel
Clarisse Bruynbroeck
Ignace Cami
Ralph Collier
Victoria Adam