Verner Panton – Colouring A New World

& Tradition

'Colouring a New World' recreates some of Panton's best-known exhibitions and displays, such as the Flowerpot (VP1) chandelier.
From September 30, 2021 until August 14, 2022
Renowned as one of the greats of Danish design, Verner Panton’s revolutionary approach to colour and material is being celebrated in “Verner Panton – Colouring A New World,” an exhibition at Trapholt museum that showcases five decades of his designs. In support, &Tradition is delighted to have provided Panton’s Flowerpot VP1 lamp, an iconic piece that encapsulates the architect’s experimental approach to home items.
With designs across furniture, lamps, and textiles, Trapholt’s exhibition invites visitors to explore all facets of Panton’s expressive and unconventional world. Spread across 800 m2, it’s one of biggest exhibitions of his work, with one-off design elements and installations displayed alongside furniture. One experiential installation, the Fantasy Landscape, features an interior landscape of softly undulating shapes in bold colors that merge floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture into one single totality. The Fantasy Landscape at Trapholt, a limited edition, this is a smaller version to the original Fantasy Landscape, which was at the Visiona II in 1970 in Cologne.
One of Panton’s most recognized designs, the Flowerpot has been a beloved part of &Tradition’s collection for more than a decade. After its debut in 1968, this vividly coloured lamp became a visual symbol of the era’s freewheeling ideology. Today, it remains a mainstay of Danish design, lending its exuberant credentials to interiors around the world.
In honor of the exhibition, a new color – ultramarine blue – was reintroduced based on one of the original colours of the Flowerpot lamps. After reimagining the Flowerpot in this shade, &Tradition donated 56 models to the exhibition in order to recreate one of Panton’s dramatic chandelier installations. In addition, &Tradition provided the Flowerpot VP1 in two more colours for display.
&Tradition are honoured to have contributed 56 Flowerpot (VP1) lamps to the exhibition.
Designed in 1969, the furnishing of the Spiegel Publishing House in Hamburg counts among the most outstanding examples of Panton’s interior designs.
Enter Panton’s world and explore an interactive exhibition - and don't forget to look up!
Introduced in 1968 at the height of worldwide cultural revolution, the Flowerpot remains among the most iconic works of 20th century Danish design.
The iconic Spiegel Publishing House has been recreated in all its glory.