Vienna Design Week

Design Week, Multiple venues, Vienna, Austria.

From September 29, 2017 until October 8, 2017
Austria’s largest design festival, entering its 11th round this year. Vienna Design Week is structured around two key features that change each year: the focus district with the headquarters, and the guest country. Taking the spotlight this year: the 15th District and Romania.
Also as regards organisation: the 11th festival year is introducing several innovations. The festival team is now planning and organising everything in a new location; Vienna Design Week has moved house – from the Danube Canal to Schwarzenbergplatz, from Praterstrasse to Mahlerstrasse. There are also changes in the team: from now on, Julia Hürner will be deputy director. In addition, we’re delighted to welcome several new faces in 2017 to the Vienna Design Week team: Alexandra Toth, Gabriel Roland, Nadia Brandstätter, Annika Strassmair and Julia Riesenberg.
Furthermore, there will be new views from behind the scenes: for the first time Christopher Wurmdobler, the journalist and author so greatly admired by VVienna Design Week, will be reporting on his own very personal programme highlights and impressions gleaned from the festival 2017.
This year’s festival graphics start out from the very origins of design: colour, material and form. The elemental form of the circle stands as basic geometric emblem for key words such as focus, spotlight and concentration and is the link connecting these central aspects of design. The circle as particle or atom can be seen as part of a greater whole and thus stands as well for the cooperation, collectivity, experiment and encounter of the different people involved in the festival. Bueronardin heralds in the next episode; Christof Nardin, art director of the festival CI, gives a face to the festival’s coming of age, now in its double figures.
The festival directed by Lilli Hollein fosters a new awareness of design and envisages this not only in its aesthetic function but especially as a profound and elemental component of our everyday life. In autumn we are therefore looking forward to a great number of different items in the form of exhibitions, workshops, participatory projects, talks, collaborations and guided tours throughout Vienna. This time, too, there will be new, surprising and ground-breaking aspects to be discovered in our product culture.