London's Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents the latest works by artist Vincent Dubourg.

From May 17, 2018 until August 24, 2018
Featuring pieces made this past ten years, Vortex explores Dubourg's deconstructivist spirit and examines works that speak of materiality and craftsmanship. The exhibition at London's Carpenters Workshop Gallery will include four new pieces alongside some other metalwork intended to restore a dialogue between sculpture and design
"A vortex whirls in a circular motion, it forms a vacuum and embodies subjects to its action. In water, it swirls but what happens beneath the water’s surface is hidden until it resurfaces elsewhere. If it explodes then it reconstructs, and what is absorbed into it is taken to another place. The idea behind Vortex is to take society, engulf it in a vortex and take it to a new planet and other ways of living," said Vincent Dubourg.