Camille Walala: WALALA X PLAY

Exhibition, NOW Gallery, London, UK.

From July 14, 2017 until September 24, 2017

Renowned digital-print designer Camille Walala presents an interactive abstract installation and immersive maze destined to capture the imagination.

WALALA X PLAY welcomes visitors to explore, examine, and enjoy a labyrinthine network of corridors and enclosed spaces in a ‘temple of wonder’ created by Walala Studio.
A key part of this piece is an imaginative puzzle that invites the solver to identify the inconsistencies between two otherwise identical images. Bringing this concept off the page and into three-dimensional space, it invites visitors to linger and explore colour, shape, and scale, contemplating a formidable pattern in which to locate the differences.
The anomalies and asymmetries are generally discreetly positioned, requiring visitors to scrutinise the space from all angles to complete the puzzle. Secret spots are to be found when looking down from the balcony or looking up at the suspended elements. This element of physicality will encourage individuals to become more aware of their bodies, engage their minds and give themselves over to PLAY.
Visitors are encouraged to pass through the gallery and experience a range of spaces, some open, some tight and uncomfortable, some with dead ends. With walls of different heights, passageways of different widths, curved and zigzag paths, the installation addresses the idea of human scale. It ensures that visitors leave with not only a visual impression of the installation, but transformed by the experience of their own passage through it.
Mirrored panels reflect the space back on itself; suspended shapes introduce a feeling of lightness and playful disorientation – the installation is a journey that will challenge, reward and engage the visitor in equal measure.