Wave. Particle. Duplex.

From January 14, 2019 until February 10, 2019
A/D/O, the creative space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by MINI dedicated to exploring the future of design, is pleased to announce Wave. Particle. Duplex. a new immersive, site-specific exhibition of work by Studio Swine, opening to the public Thursday, January 17, 2019.
Helmed by Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves, Studio Swine is the third participant in A/D/O’s Designer in Residence program, which offers professional designers the tools and opportunity to expand the boundaries of their practice. For six months, Brooklyn became Studio Swine’s home, inspiring a wealth of research and creative exploration, culminating in a final exhibition created exclusively for A/D/O.
“In our earlier works, we were really interested in exploring the idea of locale and the sense of place we could create with certain objects or narratives. Recently, we’ve been focusing on works that are more experiential, with a specific focus on the relationship between nature and technology. During our residency at A/D/O, we decided to translate this idea to new works built with nature’s ephemeral materials,” says Studio Swine.
Inspired by New York City’s shifting environmental elements, Studio Swine conceived two new bodies of work: Dawn Particles and Fog Paintings. Born from the studio’s long-standing exploration and obsession with materiality, the work disseminates ideas explored in earlier projects such as New Spring and Infinity Blue – giving ephemeral entities, such as light and time, physical homes. The installation itself is housed in a closed structure, generating a unique experience for visitors to A/D/O. 
Visitors to Wave. ParticleDuplex. will encounter an artistic harnessing of nature uniquely crafted with modern technology. Together, the two bodies of work serve as the manifestation of Studio Swine’s larger investigation of the energy and invisible elements that shape our environment.
Wave. Particle. Duplex. will be on view at A/D/O through February 10, 2019.
29  Norman  Avenue  
Greenpoint  Brooklyn,  NY  11222