Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte of Carwan Gallery and Nomad Design and Art Fair teams up with Jeddah-based ATHR Gallery.

WEHE installation at ARTH Gallery
From May 18, 2019 until July 27, 2019
WEHE is the first curatorial collaboration between ATHR Gallery and co-founder of Carwan Gallery and Nomad Design and Art Fair, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte. The exhibition gathers artists, designers and architects specialised in collectible design with new commissions of bronze works that explores that meaning of primordiality and its connection to the desert environment. The title of the show WEHE—literally close to home, as the gallery is based in Jeddah—is the origin of the word waaha in Arabic and “oasis” in Greek. The group of artists, including Taher Asad-Bakhtiari, Flavie Audi, and BrickLab and more, are from Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and Iran, making for an exciting combination of unique geographic context and the preservation of old traditions in craft.
18 May – 28 July
279 Tahlia Street, 23441, Jeddah
Monobloc Chair, Balah, Anastasia Nysten
Sadou Chair, Anastasia Nysten
Monobloc Chair, Abaya, Anastasia Nysten
Monobloc Chair, Fisherman, Anastasia Nysten
Tribal Weave gabbeh, Taher Asad Bakhtiari