Weird Sensations Feels Good – Virtual Vernissage

At ArkDes

Drawing of the scenography for "WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD" at ArkDes (2020) by ĒTER Architects.
From April 7, 2020 until November 7, 2020
On April 7, ArkDes - Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design - broadcast a virtual vernissage of WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD, an exhibition about ASMR, live from Stockholm. ASMR is a term that describes a physical sensation: euphoria or deep calm, sometimes a tingling in the body. In recent years an online audience of millions has grown, dedicated to watching the work of designers and content creators who try to trigger this feeling in their viewers. WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD is the first museum exhibition dedicated to this feeling and the emerging field of creativity that has grown up around it. ArkDes invites the public to relive this opening from a comfortable spot. ArkDes will also be launching a live series of conversations called Pillow Talks – curated guided tours on their digital channels.
WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD. 8 April - 31 May. WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD is an immersive exhibition that explores the emergent world of “ASMR” – a physical reaction, a revolutionary internet subculture, a technology-driven craft, and a field of design.
WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD / Konstig känsla känns bra (Boxen, ArkDes). Photo/Foto: Johan Dehlin